Use Google Consent Mode V2 with Usercentrics Help

Datum: 11. April 2024

With the introduction of Google Consent Mode V2, we were also faced with the task of implementing this as a cookie consent tool at Usercentrics. While good instructions could be found for other cookie consent tools, nothing could be found here at first. Since we also secure Usercentrics for customers via, there is also no complete access to Usercentrics. The good news about the implementation of Google Consent Mode V2 with the ...


Google Analytics Account Adjustment before July 1, 2023: Transition to Google Analytics 4

Posted on 5. June 2023

Did you also receive an email from Google with this subject? Take action on your Google Analytics account before July 1, 2023 Then it is indeed time to take action. Many users have been hesitant to use Google Analytics 4 so far as it is completely different from the previous Universal Analytics. Unfortunately, setting up goals in this version has also become more challenging. Therefore, we generally recommend using Google Analytics 4 with ...

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