Google Analytics Account Adjustment before July 1, 2023: Transition to Google Analytics 4

Datum: 5. June 2023

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Take action on your Google Analytics account before July 1, 2023

Then it is indeed time to take action. Many users have been hesitant to use Google Analytics 4 so far as it is completely different from the previous Universal Analytics. Unfortunately, setting up goals in this version has also become more challenging. Therefore, we generally recommend using Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager. You can learn about the benefits on our Google Tag Manager setup page, but it’s not mandatory to successfully switch to Google Analytics 4.

Even though the previous version, Universal Analytics, will not be immediately shut down on July 1, you should take the recommended “deadline” for switching to Google Analytics seriously. After this date, no new data will be processed in Universal Analytics properties and the declining quality of Universal Analytics data might also impact your advertising campaigns in the future when using Google Analytics Conversions in the Google Ads account.

For a fast and timely switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), rely on a trusted professional and contact us either by phone at +49 (0)89/680 980 57 or by submitting a request through our contact form. In most cases, we can offer migration and configuration for as low as 255 euros net. Of course the final costs of the migration depend on the individual case.

Why should you let an agency handle the switch to GA4?

Compared to Universal Analytics, GA4 has many differences, and the new interface can be initially confusing. You can spend hours familiarizing yourself with Google Analytics 4 or you can get everything professionally set up within just a few hours.

Google Analytics 4 services by experts:

  • Migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
  • Basic setup of Google Analytics 4
  • Migration of Google Analytics 3 goals for conversion tracking in GA4
  • For e-commerce: Extracting data layers to transmit shop revenue to Google Analytics 4 and, if necessary, to Google Ads
  • Adjusting privacy settings
  • Setting up audiences that can later be used in Google Ads

We are happy to assist you with our expertise in switching your account from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Simply call us at +49 (0)89/680 980 57 or use our contact form to submit an inquiry. The effort required for the transition depends on the individual case, but in most cases, we can offer migration and configuration for as low as 255 euros net.

Advantages of Google Analytics 4 compared to Universal Analytics

What are the advantages of the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) compared to the previous Universal Analytics? Here is a brief overview of what you can expect with GA4 and what exactly has changed.

  • Enhanced analysis capabilities: Google Analytics 4 provides advanced analysis features that allow for more precise tracking and analysis of user behavior on your website.
  • Cross-channel view of the customer: Google Analytics 4 combines insights from various channels to provide a more comprehensive and cross-channel view of the customer.
  • Data privacy compliance: In comparison to Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 is GDPR-compliant and offers users easier options to disable unwanted data collection.
  • Improved data control: Google Analytics 4 provides better data control compared to Universal Analytics by allowing users to consent to or decline data collection.
  • Easier implementation: Google Analytics 4 is easier to implement than Universal Analytics as it requires less code.
  • Flexibility: Google Analytics 4 offers more flexibility in data collection and analysis compared to Universal Analytics.
  • Event-based data collection: Google Analytics 4 collects data on user activity in the form of events, which are stored in logs and can be evaluated. In contrast, Universal Analytics primarily relies on tracking page views and goals.
  • Machine learning support: Google Analytics 4 provides machine learning support, enabling automatic insights from the data.
  • Easy transition: The transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is relatively simple and can be done quickly in just a few steps.
  • Future-oriented: Google Analytics 4 represents the future-oriented version of Google Analytics and will eventually fully replace Universal Analytics.

10 Frequently Asked Questions about Google Analytics 4:

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